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Bipolar Disorder, Sex, and Sexuality

I found an interesting blog called Bipolar Bisexual tonight.  I have enjoyed reading the first few entries, since the author is very forthright and thoughtful.  For example, in “Are People with Bipolar Disorder More Likely to be Unfaithful in a Relationship?” the author addresses some of the common attitudes towards the topic.  Another entry, called “Sex – Informed Consent and Mental Illness,” asks readers to weigh in on the question about the morality of sleeping with someone who is in a manic phase of bipolar disorder.

I am starting to find some gems out there.  I just needed to look in the right places.


Why This Blog Exists

Since I have begun managing my mood carefully, my quality of life has increased dramatically, and I feel like I have my life back.

However, I have yet to find any accessible reading material on dating and relationships from the perspective of people with bipolar disorder.

The only material I have found so far, both online and in books, is from the point of view of someone dating a person with bipolar disorder.

Perhaps at some point I will have access to scientific journals through a university again, so that I can read up on the research on dating and bipolar disorder (if there is any).  In the meantime, I’m hoping to learn from those that visit this site, and maybe this blog at some point will be a launchpad to help people find information about the topic.